Our Life Path

We choose to reincarnate, and are born innocent and vunerable, with no memory of previous lives, or the sacred contract we personally have agreed on. Knowing only the need for food, comfort and the loving warmth of a parents touch. Yet within that vessel lies the spark of the Divine, the Soul which is the very essence of our being, just awaiting the time of growth,learning, and the repaying of karmic debts, so that once more it can realise the great 'Oneness', becoming all it can be, and sharing for the good of all.

As we begin experiencing life, even at the very earliest stages we are faced with choices, and in a rudimentary way we soon learn how to fit in, to do what is expected of us, according to parents, religion, formal education, friends and peer pressure. Often knowing only the feeling and wish to belong, that something is lacking. Our formative years decreeing the person we become. Oft times daunted by the task of 'becoming' but becoming what ?

So we launch ourselves out into the big wide world, on a hope and a prayer, ready and willing to do the expected, or with an ego that says 'I rule', with the emphasis on the 'I'. there are no right or wrongs either way, it is all part of the plan, the process of realising what is actually important in life, and what we can take from our various experiences.

As life goes on, we grow and mature, perhaps believing that finally we have made it, life is settled now, or conversely that we have, or are failing in life. but is it, and are you? Is this really what life is all about, accepting the struggle, the good times and the bad, the hard knocks or the rewards for effort. The mindset that says 'I have to' or 'I should'. Have to what or should be exactly ? To cease your growth and gathering of wider knowledge? To change your course in life because of age and/or commitments, or the mistaken belief that you cannot? Definately not. Both sentiments are right and wrong at the same time.

Commitments have to be honoured, we must pay our way in whichever form, but the whole of our lives are an ongoing process of learning and expansion, discovering true happiness and fulfillment, what truly resonates with us, with the ultimate aim of returning home having paid our karmic debts and grown spiritually. How you reach this, is entirely up to you. Merely use the tool of a positive mindset, with reasoned and informed choices.

Life is all about choices, remembering that the choice in this moment decrees the moment to come, so endeavour to make this moment the best it can be, let go of worry and anxiety. do not aim for perfection, only that you be the best you can be. I assure you that is far more than you believe. Live in mindfulness watching your thoughts, and actions for as you think and act, so shall it be, everything is action and reaction. Think positively for the good of yourself and others, and activate the law of attraction towards you. The Universe is ready and willing to give to you all that is available, and it has a vast store of loving knowledge and assistance, just waiting for your request. Send out the very best of your vibes and it will come.

This of necessity is but a very brief synopsis of life, as I see it, and deliberately written in the simplest of terms, just a gentle introduction to spiritual concepts. Live your life, please do not just endure it. You have the ability to surprise yourself, it only needs solid commitment, some staying power, and the seeking out of all the resources, in many forms, that are available to you. Go forward, live in the now, doing your best to do no harm along the way. You are not alone on this journey, for we are all one family, sharing our part of the 'All That Is', let your soul shine brightly, find you path, find your peace.