Thank you for visiting, these pages are an expansion of the work I do through both my personal page, and 'All Souls' public page on Facebook. It is for all regardless of race, creed, colour, religion and anything I have forgotten to mention. Spirituality is not a 'religion' it is a way of life, that holds the very basic precept of 'do no harm'.

All Souls are One, we are never alone, always accompanied on our journey, always guided, always protected, just be still and know.

My life is dedicated to helping others, in any which way I can, from a simple act of kindness, a prayer for healing, to the more sustained process of counselling, coaching and teaching. I am very blessed and express gratitude for, and to, the people who turn to me for assistance.

In these pages, I hope that you find some information that will help you in your own pathway.

Remember this life is just another journey, back to the truth of who, and what you are, and that we are all connected, there is no separation.

Should you wish to contact me, then you will find all the details you need on my contact page, or alternatively by using the All Souls Facebook link.

I leave you with my wish that you walk in peace, knowing that you are a part of the greater whole, never forgotten, eternally loved.

Blessed Be