My beliefs are based firmly in the reality of being a soul in a human body, a small part of the 'Universal One'. Learning, growing, teaching, helping others.

People are, and always have been my passion in life, and I am a very firm believer in the humans capacity for change, even in what is termed the 'worst of the world'. So I share a small part of my life journey in an attempt to aid your belief in yourself and your capacity for change.

On Graduating from formal education, I wished to go into nursing, which was frowned on by my parents, and was pushed into the business world. Did well, climbed all the ladders and ended up with my own business of - Management Accounting - had a small team of staff and we basically kept computerised books, and helped in the management of several companies.

I awoke one day and thought 'this phase has ended, I'm off to do what I want to do, that is work with people', entered into nurse training in my late forties, passed all the exams, and elected to specialise in Mental Health. Again did well, worked in emergency admissions, and assisted with the training in our local Psychiatric Hospital, have been deputy charge on a ward, but came down a rank, because I wanted more people contact, no more paperwork and politics, remember people are my passion in life.

Then we changed home location due to family commitments, and the travel was impossible. So I left nursing and entered a residental course in Hypnotherapy, opened my own practice and did Hypnotherapy and Counselling - again succesful, so much so that, even after I retired in 2006, I still receive requests from friends of people who had been treated by me in the past, never needed to advertise, word of mouth did it just fine.

However, the recurring thread through all of this, is my own growth in my personal spirituality, and the spiritual teaching/counselling I still maintain, I will give this up only when I return home, and probably not then either.

I'm definitely a 'senior' now (born 1945), I will let you do the math., with a wealth of experience of what the world can and does throw at people, including myself, it seems drastic at the time, but faith, trust, belief, and most of all authenticity, goes a long way, to smooth things out. Never allow the thought of 'I'm not good enough' or 'I am too old now' - that is foolish nonsense my loves, I assure you, you can.

Of late I have been urged to be less of a listener and more of a talker, for what use is stored knowledge if it is not shared widely. Given that at this time, more and more souls are calling out for assistance, for a sense of belonging, for someone to care.
I offer myself as a soul who cares.

The process of realising who and what we are is often painful, and mystifying
involving much inner work, of looking at our shadow side and resolving the past.
to name just two prime facets of the work.

There are many ways to wholeness, what suits one might not suit another, so
I believe that any intervention should be along the lines of the Rogerian - Person Centered Therapy, tailored specifically for them.

Just my thoughts and beliefs, I acknowledge and accept that you may have differences but at the end of the day, despite this, we are all one soul

What do we see and hear when we sit with a person, either one to one, or through distant connection. Is our mind already judging and classifying, formulating, preparing ourselves to answer back?

To me, that is not effective listening, that is merely getting ready to reply.to put OUR view forwards, and most likely not theirs, and I remind myself always...'listen Annette'.

Or are we quiet and still, effectively listening, bringing all of our SIX 'senses' into the safe secure place that hopefully we have provided. Focusing on the needs of the soul that often times wants, so badly, to be seen and heard, to be valued and loved for who and what they are. Not for what we or anyone thinks they should be, but for what they are...a beautiful soul that needs assistance.

My prayer is that I never cross the boundary from 'soul to soul' and enter into 'client and therapist' mode.

Never lose faith in yourself, remember you are a valuable part of 'The All That Is', become your true self, aim for that oneness, allow your soul to shine, for the good of all.

May Love, Light and Peace be yours always,